Cities today are facing rapid urbanization and undergoing tremendous changes that are reshaping its future. Cities are where new ideas are introduced, where opportunities are created and where the future is shaped. Delivering creative solutions to the greatest challenges facing our cities is the core focus of Fairwood New City Planning.

We approach our work on new city planning from a foundation of wide ranging expertise, bold ideas, unique layouts and integrating new technologies and infrastructure services, bringing fresh energy and innovation to each project. Our Master Plans draw from ‘International Best Practices’, while also considering existing constraints and local context.

Fairwood Design is recognized for its many and varied master planning, city and urban design projects which weave a robust vision with appropriate market positioning along with context, culture, sustainability, aesthetics and sound business strategies to build townships/ new cities that foster community and are vibrant places to live. Our designs include a robust transit network which we believe is integral to any new township.

Fairwood has worked significantly towards the planning, Design and development of new cities in different states of India. We create townships and cities with a supreme focus on their sustainability and self sufficiency. In an era when any city can’t depend on outside factors, it needs to use its own resources with most efficiency and also use recycling mechanisms which use back its waste materials.

Our team brings expertise in the areas of control systems, waste management systems and energy efficiency to set up townships and cities which are able to deliver on all these aspects, and much more.

Fairwoodprovides Vision Document, Context Study, Master Planning, Architecture Design, Engineering Design, Infrastructure Design, Landscape Design and Project Management Services for the entire City. Similarly, we have been working on numerous hi-tech city development projects across world.

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