Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)

The Personal Rapid Transit System (PRT) is a 4-6 seater battery powered driverless vehicle which uses rubber wheels running on an elevated guide way. The PRT is, in fact, a personal taxi which is demand responsive to any user. The PRT transports the users anywhere within the track network directly and without any stops. Stations are off-line allowing the PRT pods to by- pass all stations en-route to the destination thereby reducing travel time. It is an energy efficient and sustainable system.

The PRT System has been designed and developed by ULTra of UK and Fairwood has an exclusive understanding to implement this system in India.

The salient points of the ULTra PRT System are:-

  1. A transport system facilitating the “last mile connectivity
    • Integrate with the existing transport system
    • Provide feeder services to any mass transport system
  2. The first commercially operating PRT system has been commissioned in 2011 at Heathrow Airport.
  3. The system “PRT”
    • Automated pods run on dedicated one way guideways (single/ twin track).
    • Heathrow operations show 99.85% reliability.
    • SAFE system:
      1. Control system ensuring non-conflicting paths
      2. AVP fixed block signaling system
      3. Vehicle on guideway evacuation system (NFPA-130)
      4. Safety sensors
      5. Complies to American society of civil engineers – APM standards
    • Demand responsive: Provides on demand non-stop journeys and excellent operational flexibility
    • Low waiting time at stations even during peak hours.
    • Headway of under 4 sec enables high density carriage of 5000-7200 people per loop in the network grid.
    • Flexible routing allowing for closer point-to-point travel (direct to destination)
    • off-line stations ensure non stop travel from Origin-Destination bypassing intermediate stations.
    • PRT stations can be integrated into buildings facilitating direct entry into malls, hotels, offices, hospitals, etc.
  1. The System Characteristics
    • Driverless, battery powered vehicles with central control system. Laser guided.
    • Passengers capacity = 6 people (max)
    • Cargo capacity (accepts Euro pallet) = 500 kgs
    • Max speed 40 km/h, non-stop journey minimizes transit time
    • Low turning radius of 5 meters enables track flexibility.
    • Can negotiate high gradients 10 % (ascending) & 6% (descending)
  2. The pod Specifications
    • Gross Weight: 1300 kgs, Net weight: 820kg
    • Dimensions (max): 3700 L x 1470W x 1800H mm
    • Communication: LCD displays + audio / video with control centre
    • Comfort: Air Conditioning
    • Disability compliant: audio / video / tactile
    • Bi parting wide opening doors > 1.1 m
  1. Operating Methodology
    • Empty pods wait off-line at stations
    • Access control using all conventional means (tokens, swipe cards, etc.)
    • Destinations are programmed into a central console on platform
    • Passenger keys in / touch pad destination on platform station,
    • Pod selects most economical route for specific destination

Cities today are being designed for Transit Oriented Development facilitating affordable, reliable, safe and comfortable movement to and from work. Transport systems should be complementary to the existing public transport systems maintain the hierarchy and thereby providing the last mile connectivity to the commuters.

The PRT is safe, affordable, convenient, intelligent & environment friendly light urban transport system.

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