Fairwood is a brand that stands with Integrity, Sensitivity and Respect in the world while promising to contribute significantly for a Greener tomorrow. Fairwood has a set of promises to all our stakeholders, partners, associates, employees, Investors and Customers.

  • Sustainability – Fairwood is committed to offer ecologically viable technologies, solutions and services for the benefit of the environment and community
  • Solutions for tomorrow – Fairwood is inspired to deliver new & innovative path-breaking solutions which are modern and futuristic in their approach setting altogether new paradigms in core sectors such as mobility, energy and urbanization
  • Ethical Practices – Fairwood is committed to transparency, reliability and integrity
  • Mutual Growth – Fairwood believes in mutual growth for all its associates and is committed to deliver that, be it our technology partners, associates, employees, partners and customers

Every brand has a legacy, a core that defines its present behaviour and translates into the actions of tomorrow. Fairwood core is the combination of its value system, Skills and Process defining its commitment for Green, Business operations and roadmap of the future.


Our Values

  • Integrity – Fairwood is committed in conducting all its activities with honesty and transparency and is a firm believer of being ethical
  • Sensitivity – Fairwood take actions for the betterment of the community and environment in which it operates. Our sensitivity towards Environment, People, Business and culture help us understanding the surroundings and further improve it
  • Respect – Fairwood give utmost respect to every element associated with it and has always been generous and compassionate in all the relationships it has established

Fairwoodgroup Core

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