Fairwood has collaborated with Multiple International Partners having rich experience in the natural resources business especially coal, gas etc. for more than 30 years all across the globe along with huge experience of advising in natural resource projects, spanning from mining, upstream investment opportunities in coal mining, oil and gas exploration, Operation & Maintenance, Shipping as well as financing and market listing experience.

Coal is the largest source of energy in the world and has diverse uses in the different industries for fuel, gasification, coke production, liquefaction and other industrial processes. Being a vital resource its extraction is also a very crucial process. Coal is extracted from the ground by mining, either underground by shaft mining through the seams or in open pits. Fairwood Group has been working in the sector by providing the expertise in the development of underground mines from the acquisition of mining permits/concessions, conceptual design of mines and structures, preparation of production works, management of mining, and rehabilitation of exhausted mines.

Fairwood has also entered into a Joint Venture with Premogovonik Velenje(Slovenia), one of Europe’s leading coal mining companies, which is backed by its Sovereign Government, to undertake Coal projects all over the globe.

Apart from coal mining, Fairwood has also formed partnerships & Joint Ventures to exploit opportunities to produce Natural Gas from conventional as well as unconventional resources in the United States.

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