Fairwood is working towards providing world class Urban Mobility infrastructure in Asia through Personal Rapid transit Systems which consists of driverless computer-driven elevated electronic vehicles or ‘pods’, that run on dedicated slender, special-purpose guideways and are suitable for individual as well as group travel.

PRT has been regarded as a new approach to urban mobility and According to Dicsovery channel,“The 18th century was characterised by water transport, the 19th century by rail road, the 20th century by cars and planes, & the 21st century by high speed trains and PRT.”

Currently fairwood is in discussions with multiple government bodies for the finalization and implementation of PRT projects in Amritsar, Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, Vietnam & Indonesia. PRT systems can effectively address the primary concerns related to urban transport in cities worldwide, but particularly in India, and should become an integral component of future urban development strategies.

The PRT systems are Effecient, Economical in construction and use, Safe, Environment Friendly, Flexible and Versatile.

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