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Fairwood PMC uses the most up-to-date project management technology, providing communication and collaboration between the client and all project team members. Over the years, Fairwood PMC has developed strong technical expertise and capability providing large array of project management and consulting services. We fulfil the ever increasing complex requirements of the infrastructure projects across different industries.

Design Management

Whether using the traditional design-bid-build approach or design/build approach to your project, our experienced team provides an extensive services:

  • Establish the client's design requirements and to develop a Design Management strategy for the total project (design input).
  • Confirm that the design interfaces are defined.
  • Confirm that the design output meets the client's requirement (Design output).
  • Constructability analysis.
  • Manage design changes effectively by evaluating the technical, time and cost time impact of the proposed changes.
  • Manage the design schedule.
  • Reviewing consultant's design drawings & specification to ensure that technical and code requirement are met.