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LEED/IGBC/GRIHA Certification

A green building is one which uses less energy, water and natural resources, creates less waste and is healthier for the people living inside compared to a standard building. Green buildings also save money and resources, while promoting renewable, clean energy. We specialize in energy modeling, building commissioning, LEED/IGBC/GRIHA consulting, and daylighting studies.

At Fairwood PMC, we provide services for facilitation for getting LEED/IGBC/GRIHA Certifications. The scope can be divided into following:


Review building design and identify opportunities for improvement with its associated incremental cost of construction to obtain a best possible LEED/IGBC and GRIHA rating certification.


Based on the feasibility, we facilitate the LEED/IGBC and GRIHA certification for the project and Facilitate and Help the project team to achieve ‘pre certification’ for project.

Hand hold and Support the project team throughout the project period to get the appropriate rating.

Energy Modelling

Our team offers a wide range of knowledge and expertise to assessing the energy performance of buildings. The Simplified Building Energy Model used to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations and generate Energy Performance Certificates for non-domestic buildings.

We help our clients by providing specialist services which include:

  • Building Envelope Analysis.
  • Orientation and Shading Analysis.
  • HVAC System Analysis.
  • Daylighting Studies.
  • Water Efficiency.
Material Assistance

One of the most important aspects of a building, remodelling or renovation is the quality of building materials. From structural, framing and masonry materials to interior trim and cosmetic finish items, we work with the project team and vendor to make recommendations on materials use for the project in relation to the sustainable goals of the project.


At Fairwood PMC, we take all required information from the design team, assemble a set of documents and submit for evaluation. This includes Pre-certification, Final Certification set and any clarifications required by concern authority.