Fairwood Design is a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary design practice that is actively engaged in redefining every aspect of the built environment. Fairwood’s design team is highly passionate and knowledgeable about the understanding and challenges of the context, draws from global best-practices and offers creative, buildable and sustainable design solutions to clients across the globe.

We strive for creating a symbiotic environment of creative collaboration with our international technology and design partners and mutual growth with our clients.

Architecture Design

The design of buildings has a lasting impact on the fabric of our communities. Fairwood Design provides distinctive, elegant, modern design solutions that are not just conscious of the local context, place and client’s goals but at the same time are marketable, reflective of the local culture, respectful of the urban fabric and improves the lives of the people.

Fairwood’s architectural services are delivered by a multidisciplinary team committed to creating integrated designs, with sustainable outcomes being a key driver in design and execution. The experienced team of Design professionals at Fairwood provide exceptional and innovative yet practical designs for projects across all sectors.

Engineering Design

Fairwood has a team of Structural and MEP engineers who combine their technical expertise with creative architectural design to provide holistic services for any project. With world-class expertise – creative and technical – we help to realise buildings that are better because they are more useful and attractive to the people who own and inhabit them, more sympathetic to their context and  sustainable yet commercially viable.

Fairwood’s multi-disciplinary teams combine traditional as well as locally used methods with modern technology to deal with challenging issues such as sustainability and cost effective designs. We deliver integrated architecture designs and focus on perfecting the building details. Our designers engage with advanced analysis and research, but always with focused outcomes in mind.

Fairwood Design understands this critical requirement in depth and has developed the strong capability over the years to provide engineering services for Mechanical, Electrical and Structural design for advanced infrastructural projects to create flawless designs that are futuristic, scalable and sustainable. We deliver seamless sustainable building design, lead complex multidisciplinary projects or develop living and working spaces for whole communities.

Urban Planning and design

Urban Planning requires an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of function, social, physical, environmental & economic characteristics of the urban system. It covers the detailed analysis to create plans that are futuristic, innovative, sustainable and scalable in nature. Fairwood carries out the detailed analysis of natural, physical and visual forms of the cities, areas and geographies to provide viable answers to the improvement plans, importance of well-designed public spaces, urban transport planning, structural and landmark assessments. Fairwood’s work integrates the built and natural environment into sustainable communities along with providing a unique sense of place. It understands the challenges being faced in the 21st century and creates solutions to address them in a modern and efficient way.

Our team synthesizes inputs from various disciplines into an integrated plan of action for shaping the natural and built environment in order to achieve a desirable quality of life in urban areas by keeping the resource constraints in view. Sustainable development and sustainability influence our urban planning. Fairwood is a firm advocate for integrating mobility in urban environments.

Infrastructure design

Increasing resource constraints and changing environmental values have raised the requirement for a new set of tools to design a sustainable world.  Infrastructure design services include both the design and value engineering of critical services in a project.

Our clients gain a competitive advantage in industry as we help them improve the project execution  by providing quality and timely delivery of drawings at the site for execution.  In order to provide efficient and reliable design services, Fairwood is ideally positioned to help these companies resolve their challenging needs.

A very capable team at Fairwood provides infrastructure solutions that are cost effective, efficient, sustainable and delivered in an environment where project risks are managed thus, efficiently meeting the requirements of the next generation.


Fairwood’s landscape designs bridge the gap between landscape architecture and building design. Our focuses on both the integrated master landscape planning of a property and the specific design of landscape elements and buildings within it. We aim to create a perfect synergy between the environment and its surroundings.

Our experienced team of landscape architects helps the development works to come up in sync with places, nature and people so that buildings and urban projects turn into valued assets. We can help in efficient landscape planning by considering various aspects of proportion, unity, balance, perspective, colour and texture to create an integrated design.

Contemporary landscape design solutions provided by Fairwood’s landscape team create inspiring places that produce more liveable and resilient developments.


Fairwood provides comprehensive interior design solutions that cover every aspect ranging from space planning, interior layouts, detailing, material specifications, finishing, furnishing to lighting.

Our approach is to provide creative interior environments that are in tune with current design trends, aesthetically pleasing and highly functional giving each particular project a unique and distinctive environment. We strive to find the perfect combination of comfort, practicality and a true reflection of your personality to transform your surroundings into an individualistic space. We are currently working on interiors for Healthcare, High End Bungalows, Commercial Developments like Offices, Malls etc.