Fairwood comprises of an integrated team of experienced professionals that have acquired a wealth of experience on a range of  projects. Some of the biggest names in the industry rely on Fairwood for a wide array of consulting assignments.

We work closely with  organizations across the transformation landscape and lifecycle to understand their business goals, devise the most effective strategy and implement the best solutions.

Backed by a comprehensive research function and a keen understanding of the industry trends, Fairwood is able to recommend solutions which are innovative, creative, sustainable and future-ready.


Feasibility Studies and Analysis – Feasibility Reports

Fairwood delivers highly focused Techno Economic Feasibility Reports (TEFR), which provide accurate and precise directions on the technical and economic scopes of the projects. We are respected throughout the industry for the professionalism and authentic background that forms the basis of these reports.

Economic and Financial Planning – Preparation of Business Plans

Fairwood understands that it is very crucial that our clients are able to plan their finances and investments in an accurate manner much before they are to make the actual expense. We help the clients in setting of goals and plan a course of action to make them attainable. We ensure to keep your investments safe and also work towards helping you in achieving your financial objectives.

Our team strives to ensure that a balance is struck between the aspirations of the client as well as the reality. Thus, our team comprises of some of the most experienced and skilled financial managers in the industry which are not just able to plan the finances for projects of varying sizes and complexity, but are also able to factor in a lot of unforeseen heads.

Concept and Project reports

Fairwood conducts an extensive study for its project and makes exhaustive reports that give a clear picture of the project reach. Our project reports offer an in-depth view of the background of the extent of the venture. A detailed and focused research at the conceptualization stage of a project  translates into a more efficient and effective shaping of the project  during the later stages. Appreciating the significance of this stage, we deliver concept  reports which are comprehensive and highly focused on the future scope of the project.

Project Strategy – Suggesting on Project Development strategy

We are not just a team of skilled implementers, but a group of highly visionary strategists. This aspect of ours is reflected in the level of detail attained by our Project Reports. Our team has expertise in developing appropriate project strategies customized for each venture. The strategies are made keeping in mind the business aspects of the project as well the company’s sustainability, time limit, budget and performance goals.

An important part of the Pre Design stage for any project, our project reports serve as the basis for the fundamental decisions regarding the project. These project reports also take into account the multiple stakeholders that are involved with the venture.