The success of any project relies on the planning and execution of each of its components. The efficient utilization of the resources ensures the organised investment opportunities. Our portfolio includes some of the most challenging projects which we have been able to deliver with our skills and expertise.  Over the decades, we have provided consultancy services to a wide array of clients and have been working across various sectors with special focus on the following:


Integrated Residential Townships

We are currently one of the leading architects undertaking development of integrated residential townships, both within and outside the country. As designers we consider the entire built environment, which aspire to meet the constantly changing market demands within the sector.

We design with a perspective of keeping client’s needs first without compromising on the context and culture. Our prime consideration while designing any project is the end-user’s expectation for which we research & study very carefully, the past trends and the prevailing market scenario in the region.


We have an extensive experience of designing and delivering in the commercial development sector starting from office buildings to designing integrated IT SEZ’s.

Within all the commercial projects we seek to balance design ambition with financial viability. We understand that development on this scale is intended to be a generator for economic growth within the region and that quality design combined with efficient planning is a requirement to enable growth.

We understand the local markets very well and design with an outlook which is not only client responsive but also relevant to the surrounding context.

Industrial Development

Industries have now become an inseparable aspect of our society and guide the social as well economic development of a community. We indulge in a process of analysing the environment, requirements and the processes required for effective operation of the unit as whole.

A successful industrial unit is planned emphasizing on its processes and its flexibility to operate under different conditions accommodating all the future requirements efficiently. Over the years, we have understood the system of operations and management of industrial specific sector which also comply with its specific norms & laws to provide unmatched service.


We understand that the education sector is experiencing exciting and challenging shifts in the demands and expectations it is placing on its built estate.

Old buildings are being replaced and adapted to create a demand-led, flexible and accessible learning environment.

Institutions are under increasing pressure to provide ever higher levels of education campus experience to its students.

We have with our team of experts to analyse the existing facilities at the institutional campus, in order to cultivate strategies for future rationalisation and improvement.

Social Development

Our Society is evolving with a rapid pace, aligning itself with the new patterns & systems of the technological development. Our environment & surroundings also mould learning minds, inspires to question & delve into their thoughts to bring us to a higher level of understanding.

We understand that every piece of architecture around us impacts our behaviour, attitude and thinking. Be it a space, building, park, walk ways or social ramification, each has a profound effect on the surrounding life. With our team of experts, we provide social infrastructure planning that plays a transformational role in the society and economy.


Special Economic Zones are important as they are free-market-areas for the government. Identifying and setting up such areas requires not only resources but also immaculate planning. Fairwood is capably outfitted to not only plan but research and identify such areas.

Fairwood provides a wide range of services that include market assessment, project conceptualization, financial analysis and structuring, location and site selection, and privatization advisory for the specialized economic zones.